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Welcome to Byrne Tyre Centre

Byrne Tyre Centre provides clients all across Wexford with state-of-the-art puncture repair services that encompasses:

  • Cars

  • Light Commercial Vehicles

  • Agricultural

  • Motorbikes

  • Lorries

We’re committed to offering our clients the very best in modern tyre alignment services. Combining expertise, experience and the very latest technology, we’re able to offer our clients unparalleled professionalism and absolute efficiency.

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Puncture Repair

Byrne Tyre Centre provides a full puncture repair service to clients all across Wexford. We’re able to repair damaged tyres and offer complete tyre replacements where necessary. We stock a huge selection of tyres for a range of vehicles. Our stocked tyre brands run from high-end varieties to more budget options. No matter your budget or necessity, we’re sure to have the right tyre for your vehicle.

  • Puncture Repair
  • Puncture Repair

The tyre brands we stock include:

  • Dunlop

  • Yokohama

  • Michelin

  • Firestone

  • Pirelli

  • Blacklion

  • Bridgestone

For more information on our tyres and puncture repair service, get in contact with Byrne Tyre Centre today.

Laser Alignment

We use state of the art 3-D laser technology to align all four tyres in a car; returning the tyre alignment back to the manufacturer's specifications.
Poor quality roads, potholes and kerbing, can knock your vehicle's tyres out of alignment. A poorly aligned vehicle will prematurely erode tyres, unnecessarily costing a car owner money in replacements and repairs;.
Our state-of-the-art alignment system means vehicles are set to their optimum angle, increasing the longevity of the tyre and reducing unnecessary wear.

For more information on our laser alignment service, please get in touch with Byrne Tyre Centre today. 

Computer Tracking

This modern system uses advanced computer software to check that all the tyres on a vehicle are optimally balanced. An unbalanced vehicle will wear down on tyres, forcing the vehicle owner to spend more on unnecessary replacements.
Our computer tracking software identifies where your vehicle is unbalanced and our team rebalances the vehicle to its optimum position. This service increases the longevity of tyres, saving vehicle owners money.

For more information on our laser alignment service, please get in touch with Byrne Tyre Centre today. 


All our services are also available to any kind of agricultural vehicle. From combine harvesters to tractors, we prove puncture repairs, alignments and computer tracking services. We understand that a farmer can’t afford to have unscheduled downtime, as such we are committed to identifying and fixing any problems that may arise with the tyres of your agricultural vehicle.

For more information on our agricultural tyre services, get in contact with Byrne Tyre Centre today.

Pre NCT Tyre Checks

Tyre trend issues have recently become grounds for an NCT fail. No longer can the state of tyres be ignored before the test. To address this need, Byrne Tyre Centre provides clients with a full pre-NCT check that identifies common tyre issues that lead to an NCT fail.
Don’t waste money on the NCT, pass the first time with Byrne Tyre Centre’s pre-NCT tyre check.

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